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Allotment Gardening
Grow all you can eat on your own allotment.
grow your own
20:32, 10th May 2014

Smallholding for Sale in North Devon
Three bedroom detached house in 18 acres for sale - North Devon, UK
20:48, 17th Mar 2013

Find out more about nettles - how to benefit from them and how to get rid of them
16:12, 13th Apr 2012

Making Nettle Beer
Find out how to make your nettle beer
16:10, 13th Apr 2012

How to Make Sloe Gin
Find out how to make your own sloe gin
14:40, 13th Apr 2012

Grow Your Own Chilli Peppers
Find out how to grow your own chilli peppers
grow your own
13:33, 16th Mar 2012

Home Beekeeping
Find out more about keeping bees in your garden for honey
grow your own
15:40, 4th Jan 2012

Storing Apples
Find out how to store apples
13:23, 28th Jul 2011

Self Sufficiency Blogs

Read a selection of self sufficiency blogs

Self Sufficiency Blogs


There are many people out there trying to live a more sustainable self-sufficient lifestyle. Listed below are a selection of some of the best web logs (blogs) out there written by homesteaders and gardeners.

Path to Freedom - The Dervaes Family in Pasadena, California transformed their urban block into an organic garden supplying not just their food needs but also those of local restaurants.
Homestead Blogger - A community for homesteaders.
Sarah's Homestead Blog - Dedicated to the ramblings of a girl on a small farm in the woods of Oregon.
My Tiny Plot - An allotment diary written by an inexperienced gardener in the South West of England.
Not a Proper Farmer.
The Cottage Smallholder.

Article Published: 11:08, 11th Jul 2008

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Self Sufficient Search Engine
Search the Website
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Types of Soil
Learn about the different types of soil
Article Published: 13:16, 6th Apr 2006
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Your Vegetable Plot
Find out more about the ideal vegetable plot
Article Published: 13:12, 8th Jul 2008
vegetables | grow your own

Why Buy a Polytunnel
Learn about Polytunnels and their benefits
Article Published: 17:12, 17th Sep 2008
building | grow your own | greenhouse | smallholding

Greenhouse Ventilation
Understand the importance of venilation in a greenhouse
Article Published: 12:29, 9th Jul 2008
greenhouse | grow your own

Sweet Chestnuts
Find and eat delicious sweet chestnuts
Article Published: 14:07, 11th Jul 2008

John Seymour
John Seymour - The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency
Article Published: 12:44, 6th Apr 2006
books | general

Hunting Rabbit
Find out how to hunt for delicious rabbit
Article Published: 10:16, 12th Mar 2010
hunting | foraging | general

Growing Outdoor Tomato Varieties
Tomato plants which will survive outdoors in the UK
Article Published: 11:56, 25th May 2010
fruits | grow your own

Making Dandelion Coffee
Find out how to make your own dandelion coffee
Article Published: 10:44, 19th Nov 2010
foraging | recipes