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What is Foraging

Find out more about foraging for wild food

What Is Foraging

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Foraging in the woods for blackberries

Foraging for wild food is becoming more and more popular as people become more interested in eating organic and local fresh food. The UK is a vast larder of shellfish, seaweed, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms which are not only edible, but also delicious, nutritious, and healthy.


If you intend to go foraging all you need is a strong container or basket to carry the food you collect, and ideally an illustrated guide book to help you identify the plants and trees you come across. Great care must be taken to correctly identify mushrooms as some are very poisonous.

As pocket-sized wild food identifying guides go, you could do a lot worse than the Collins gem book . With a recommended retail price of £4.99, but usually available for just £2.99, this 239 page 11 x 8 cm sized book has guides (and images) of over 100 edible plants found in the UK.

Foraging Web Links

Fergus the Forager - Wild Man Wild Food website.
Miles Irving - Wild food supplier.

Article Published: 08:06, 12th Jul 2008

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